Meet My Future-Self: Ahna from the Os Civilization

Ahna (I hear it like Ahhhhhna, with the first syllable drawn out) is my counterpart / future-self in the Os civilization, a race from the Sirius star system. She is one of my incarnations, a “future” lifetime from our linear perspective, another “finger” on the hand of the greater soul that I am (an analogy given to my by another of my counterparts, Ariel of the Yahyel).

As I was connecting with Ahna to paint this Cosmic Family Portrait, I kept hearing, “The blue waters of Sirius” and feeling so much beauty, healing and delight in these waters!

Ahna’s race call themselves “Os”, and “Nom Os” means “We are Os”, a phrase I originally heard mentioned by Bashar, and I kept hearing it as I was connecting and painting her. The circle symbol in the upper left corner is the contact symbol for Sirius, as given by Bashar, and is a tool or permission slip that I use to tune in to that frequency.

Ahna and the Os are an aquatic race that live in the water, and are closely connected to, and communicate with, the cetaceans – dolphins and whales – here on planet Earth. Ahna feels very playful and graceful, she likes to play games with waterplants and other “toys” that she finds in her environment.

I feel a strong connection to music, sound, toning with Ahna, and know that we will be creating music for healing and activation together in the near future. I feel her close when I sing and express through sound and am excited to play more in this arena with her! I have always loved the sound of whale songs and feel that this is a tool I can use to connect even more deeply with her and her people.

Ahna says, “Express yourself through your voice! Don’t be afraid to be heard and don’t hold back, for you each have your own unique sound and voice to contribute to the song of All-That-Is!

I look forward to deepening this connection with Ahna, learning more from her and working together as a team in this amazing adventure of life!

Get Your Own Cosmic Family Portrait!

These intuitive paintings that I call Cosmic Family Portraits can be powerful tools to deepen the connection with your cosmic family! I have used them to connect to many members of my cosmic family, including this one connecting to Ahna and others that I will share soon.

I love this process of channeling art that represents that connection and relationship, and would LOVE to channel a Cosmic Family Portrait for you, to help you connect more tangibly with your cosmic family. And not only do you get an amazing piece of art to serve as a tangible remind of your cosmic family and their love for you, you also get to come along on a journey with me, and your cosmic family, as I paint for you!

If you would like to receive your very own Cosmic Family Portrait, click here to learn more and order yours now.

Your Turn

So what about you? Who are you excited to connect to in your own cosmic family? Do you feel you have an ET-self you would like to connect to, or maybe hybrid kids? Maybe you even have a connection to Sirius, like myself and many others do!

Pay attention to where you feel drawn, to what feels interesting and curious and exciting to you. Those are clues to your own connections and Galactic heritage! I’d love to hear about what resonates with you or what ideas you feel drawn to. Share in the comments below!

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