Interview with Rachel Archelaus & Intimate Alien

I looove connecting with others who are experiencing their own cosmic family reunions! I love hearing their stories, and talking about some of my favorite topics: extraterrestrials, who we really are, multidimensional reality, being conscious creators of our reality, and sooo much more. These are my favorite kind of conversations, and one of the things I am very excited to share here at the Cosmic Family Reunion Project, in the form of interviews and other co-creations with like-minded cosmic souls.

Doing these interviews leaves me feeling lit up, and excited about what I’m creating. It also feels super awkward and gets me right outside of my comfort zone! As an introvert, I have to push past some resistance to do this, yet it always feels amazing and is so much FUN when I do. So one of the resources I will be creating and sharing here is an interview series with various channelers, artists, and other cosmic experiencers.

Rachel Archelaus is the first person I decided to interview. Rachel and I have co-created together before for the Cosmic Family Reunion Project, and I’ve even interviewed her before. She’s since evolved even more in her cosmic family journey, she is now channeling one of her ET selves, and I was excited to catch up and hear about her experience of channeling in this way…

Join me as I chat with Rachel and Intimate Alien about all kinds of fun topics like what it’s like to channel an extraterrestrial, how Intimate Alien does her makeup, following our excitement, and so much more!

Connect with Rachel & Intimate Alien

Want to follow Rachel & Intimate Alien and see what they are sharing? Here’s where you can find them online:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
YouTube: Intimate Alien | HELLO LOVE | Intuitive Art

Learn more about the Intimate Alien Online Q&A and Embody Your Inner Star Being Retreat on Rachel’s Events page here.

An Interview Series is Born

I had sooo much fun doing this interview with Rachel – despite my nerves and awkwardness – that I’m going to keep doing it, and keep sharing the awesome people I come across with you. If you want to follow along, sign up with your email below and I’ll let you know as soon as a new interview is published!

NEXT UP: my interview with Gita Rose and Bella is coming soon…

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