7 Steps to Create Your Own Cosmic Family Portrait

A Cosmic Family Portrait is a piece of art that represents your cosmic family and your relationship to them. It makes the invisible, visible so you have a more tangible, visual tool you can use to connect even more with your off-world family and friends.

While it can be awesome to have one of these Portraits done for you (like I offer here), you can also do this for yourself, so you can connect anytime and not be dependent on someone else to give you permission or help you connect. It’s so important to learn to do this for yourself, and you already have everything you need right here inside you. Art is just one tool (a very FUN one) that you can use to begin to remember what’s already inside you.

Creating your own Cosmic Family Portrait will help you connect more consciously and tangibly with your star family. And you’ll have an awesome visual memento of that experience to remind you of that connection.

A Cosmic Family Portrait to connect with my hybrid son, Ethan.

This Portrait is not about accurately depicting the specific beings in your cosmic family, or even accurately depicting anything. It’s not about creating a picture that looks like anything in particular, which is GREAT news because it means you don’t have to be an artist or “good at art” to do this! It’s about expressing the energy of your connection in whatever way it unfolds and it may not look like anything your logical mind can make sense of.

That’s okay! Remember that this is an intuitive process where you’re working with invisible energies, which often just don’t make sense to our physical mind. Let your art look however it wants to look and trust that whatever comes through is perfect!

In this article, I’m going to give you 7 easy steps to create your own Cosmic Family Portrait, so you can use this as a tool or permission slip to experience more conscious contact and connect with your off-world family. Are you ready?

Step #1: Create a Powerful Intention

Creating an intention for your Portrait and the process of creating it, sets the tone for what you will experience. It gives you a focus and clarity about what you want to create this experience to be. Remember, it’s all up to you and what you put into it, is what you’ll get back out of it.

Your intention should not focus on the specifics or the details of the experience, rather focus on how you want to feel or who you want to be in the experience. Do you want to feel joy? Love? Peace? Bliss? Do you want to be open? Intuitive? Loving? Receiving?

Write your intention in the present tense as though you are already enjoying what you desire. Your intention could simply be something like this:

I am joyfully creating art with my cosmic family and opening my heart to a deeper relationship with them.

Don’t over-complicate this, keep it simple and focused on how you want the experience to feel, who you want to be, or how you want it to transform your life. If there is a specific being you want to connect with, that can be part of the intention too, but it doesn’t have to be that specific if you want to leave it open to whoever is here to connect for your highest good.

Another piece to your intention is to decide when you’re going to do this, if you’re not doing it immediately. If you’re reading this and feel like you want to do this, then put it on the calendar, make it an official playdate and schedule it in!

Then, you could play with this even more and create an invitation to your cosmic family, inviting them to join you for this playdate! Your invitation could simply be a telepathic one, thinking/feeling it to them, or you might want to actually write it out and create a physical invitation to make it even more tangible for yourself. Have fun with this and do whatever feels exciting to you!

Step #2: Let Go of Expectations

Let go of everything about what you think art is or should be. Let go of any expectations of what contact should, or might, look like. Let go of any details about how your art should unfold, or what your connection should be like.

If you feel like you are “not an artist” or have “no talent or skill”, that’s okay. Let go of those expectations that you even need to be that, because you don’t. Anyone can do this, and in fact, those with little or no experience often have an easier time opening up and just going with the flow than those who have all the techniques, training and experience!

We all have an inner artist, so surrender to yours and let her/him guide you with no expectation of what it should look like, or be like.

Just let it all go and let yourself relax into the question mark… ?

The more you let go of what your physical mind can conceive of, the more open you are to what is really possible for you, which I guarantee is much bigger than anything your mind can ever come up with!

Ask your Higher Self and Cosmic Family to guide the process and show you what you need to know, then relax and trust the flow. They will be right there guiding you, assisting you, showing you, but if you’re worried about the details or how it’s unfolding, or how it’s going to turn out, then you’ll miss the amazing experience that is here for you now.

Be here now, enjoy the moment, and let what is be what it be!

Step #3: Create Your Sacred Space

Painting a Cosmic Family Portrait with my hybrid daughter, Asha.

The space around you when you’re creating your Portrait is important and it can either distract you or help you feel supported and focused. Create your space to support how you want your experience to feel for the best results.

If you only have a certain amount of time, and need to be somewhere at a certain time, then set an alarm so you can create worry-free. Then turn off all other electronics and distractions such as Facebook, phone, email. If you’re like me and love to take photos while you create, then keep your smart phone nearby and put it in airplane mode so you’re not interrupted but still have your camera handy.

If you live with other people, such as your kids or partner, let them know that you need this time to yourself – OR invite them to join you in your sacred space to create their own Portrait! Let them know what to expect, that you won’t be available for other concerns during this time and ask them to honor your sacred space so you can focus on your experience.

Gather your art supplies and make sure you have everything with you that you will need to create. Some ideas: paints, pencils, markers, pastels, pencil crayons, magazines & scissors, watercolors, pens, canvas, paper, cardboard, ribbon, glitter, construction paper, glue… And anything else that you feel excited to create with!

Bring your journal and favorite pen. You might even want to make sure you have a comfy place to sit when you want to reflect and journal. Dress comfortably for your environment, and the weather if you are outdoors.

Some other things you might want to consider for your space:

Do you want music playing, or quiet?
Do you want to light some candles or use some essential oils?
Do you want to have your crystals with you?
Oracle cards can be fun to play with here too, you can pull a card (or more!) to go along with your Portrait!
Do you want to be outside, or inside?
What can you wear that feels really comfortable AND makes you feel great?
How about a cup of tea, or a glass of wine? And make sure you’ve got lots of water to drink!
Do you want to have a snack ready, so you don’t have to stop to prepare food?

Go inward and ask yourself what you need to feel comfortable, safe and excited for this contact experience.

Write your intention on a piece of paper (or several!) and post it in your space where you can see it easily while you create. Alternatively, if it feels more exciting to you, fold it up and “hide” it somewhere in your space to “embed” it into the experience.

Step 4: Tune In and Make Contact

When you’re ready to get started, take a few moments to simply tune in to your cosmic family. If you want to connect with someone specific for this Portrait, then think of them and focus on their energy, how it feels to you. Talk to them in your imagination and invite them here with you to create together.

Feel them here with you, even if it just feels like you’re making it all up. That’s okay! Use your imagination to make this experience as vivid and exciting as you can, that’s what it’s for!

You can use a guided meditation to make contact, if that is easier. You can use this guided meditation for contact that I created, or you can search for one on YouTube.

But you really don’t need a guided meditation, don’t even worry about it unless it feels exciting to use that as a permission slip. Just tune in and use your imagination to “imagine” contact, “imagine” a conversation, “imagine” your cosmic family joining you here for this adventure.

It really is that simple!

Notice what comes up for you in this experience. What do you see, hear, sense? Is there a color? Shape? Texture? Do you see an image in your mind’s eye, or hear a word or phrase? You may receive something that can be a great starting point for your art, so just notice what comes. If you don’t sense anything, that’s okay too! Just be with what IS and trust the flow.

Step 5: Create Whatever You Feel

Painting a Cosmic Family Portrait to connect with my hybrid sons, Ethan and Mikhael.

Now it’s time to create! You should have all your art supplies here with you. Get out the paper, canvas or other surface that you are going to create on, then go ahead and dive in wherever you feel excited to start. You might have a color that you’re feeling you want to use, or maybe you see a shape that you feel like drawing, or maybe you want to browse through some magazines to find images that inspire you.

What do you feel excited to play with in the moment? Feel into this, and then start there. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it’s all up to you! And your intuition and imagination will show you exactly what to do if you will only pay attention and listen.

Do not worry about what it looks like, don’t worry about making a “mess”, and let go of any expectations of how you think it “should” unfold. You might have an idea of what you want to create, but don’t hold on to that as though it MUST look that way. Use that as a starting point, and let the art create itself through you. Be open to whatever comes through.

If you feel like you want to use a particular color, use that color! If you feel like you want to swish the brush in this way, then swish the brush! If you feel like you want to add glitter or ribbon or leaves or buttons – do it! Play with this and let your imagination go wild, it knows exactly what to do…

Continue creating whatever you feel until you feel that it is done. Don’t over-analyze this, just feel when you sense it is done. When you reach that point, move on to step 6. You can either do the next step immediately, or set the art aside while you go on about your day and come back to it later to return to it with a fresh perspective.

Step 6: Meditate with Your Art

Sit with your art in a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and relax.

Breathe deeply and focus on your breath. Watching it go in, and out. Feeling it move through your body.

Become aware of your thoughts, and notice that you are not your thoughts, you are the awareness behind your thoughts. You do not need to control your thoughts, or empty your mind of all thought. Simply focus on your breath and watch your thoughts, with no attachment to them.

Relax deeply into this moment and just be.

After a few minutes of this, when you feel ready, open your eyes and focus on your Portrait. Look with “soft eyes”, simply receiving what is there to be seen, not making it mean anything or judging it. Just SEEING what is there, letting the visual come into your eyes, in a sense.

Now feel your art. What do you feel from it? What do the colors feel like? What do the shapes and textures feel like? Just notice what you feel, what comes up as you gaze at it.

Notice any judgments or critical thoughts, if they come up, and let them go. You don’t need to hold on to them, nor do you need to force them away, just notice, thank them for their message, and let them float on by with all the other thoughts.

Tune in to your cosmic family and ask them how they feel about the art. What do they want to share with you, what feelings do they want you to be aware of? Notice what you feel and sense as you do this.

Now let all the thoughts go and just be with your art. Focus on your breathing, gaze gently at the art, and open your heart and mind to it. Know that even if there are no words or thoughts or feelings, you are communicating with the art on many different levels.

This is a very multidimensional experience, and it may not seem to be much physically, but there is a LOT going on here that you cannot perceive with your physical senses, so take the time to just be with your art and let it communicate with you in whatever way it wants to.

Don’t rush this or feel like you need to move on to the next step right away. Take your time, relax and marinate in this energy with your art! Then when you’re ready, grab your journal and move on to step 7.

Step 7: Translate the Message into Words

The final step is to process and integrate your art, and to translate the message it has for you into words and inspired action.

Now that you’ve spent some time meditating with your art, it’s time to make its message more tangible and translate it into words. Grab your journal and ask your art some questions about its message, what it wants you to know. Write down whatever comes to mind – don’t judge it – and let the message flow through your pen onto the paper.

Some questions you might ask your art:

What is this art telling me about myself and who I am?
Who is connecting with me through this art?
What is important for me to know about this art?
How can this art help me build a relationship with my cosmic family?
What is this art showing me about my off-world family & heritage?
What inspired action is the art asking me to take?
Is there anything else the art wants me to know?

You can ask the art anything you would like, so get creative, use your imagination and listen to the answer – whatever it is.

Continue to dialogue with your art until you feel complete. Then set your journal aside and come back to it later to re-read what you wrote and absorb the message the art has for you.

You can repeat steps 6 and/or 7 anytime you wish with this piece of art, if that feels exciting to you, and continue to go deeper into what it has to share with you. Let it activate you, talk to you, and open you up to MORE of who you really are.

Congratulations, you’ve created your very own Cosmic Family Portrait!

You did it! You consciously created space and intention for contact and making the invisible, visible, and however you experienced it physically know that you did connect, and this Portrait is a visual representation of that connection!

How did it feel? Did you enjoy the experience? Did you learn new things about yourself and your cosmic family? Do you feel a deeper connection to them?

Whether your Portrait looks like an actual portrait of a being (or beings), or not, doesn’t matter. Remember, this is a multidimensional exercise, not a 3D one, and your Portrait is a representation of the energy, not the physical form. Let it be perfect however it looks.

Again, no judgment, just notice what the experience was like for you, and know that whatever you experienced is perfect for you. Thank your cosmic family for this connection. Send them love and let them know how grateful you are for them and for this experience creating art with them.

Want a Cosmic Family Portrait painted FOR you?

If it feels more exciting to you to have a Portrait painted FOR you rather than doing it yourself, then check out the Cosmic Family Portraits that I offer! I would love to paint for you and help you connect more tangibly with your own Cosmic Family.

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Your Turn

Now I want to hear from you!

Did you follow these steps to create your own Cosmic Family Portrait? Share about how the experience was for you in the comments below…

Or did you set a date to do this sometime in the next few days or weeks? Share that in the comments below and let us know when you plan to have your playdate…

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