Contact Is an Inside Job

I was drawn out into a beautiful starry night one evening, and spent some time just looking up at the sky, thinking about my cosmic family and connecting with them. Pondering the idea of contact, what it’s looked like in my experience so far and what I would like to experience going forward. The idea for this blog post started to bubble up and “they” told me to go home and write whatever came through. I did, and here is what they shared:

So many of you are expecting us to show up in your skies, to land in our ships, yet we are actually already here, knocking on the door of your heart. You are actually already having a conversation with us, experiencing true contact with us, it’s just happening inside you in places and ways that you’ve forgotten existed within you.

You’ve forgotten who you are, and so how can you recognize the contact that is being experienced by your whole being? When you limit yourself to only what your physical mind can understand, and only what fits into your view of what reality is, you miss the vast majority of the reality that is you. You block it out, ignore it, push it down, pretend it’s not there. You Earth-humans have become so good at doing this!

Contact Bypasses Your Physical Mind

Your mind/ego doesn’t like things it doesn’t understand, and it doesn’t understand those deeper parts of you, so it pushes them down, blocks them off, you forget them and they sit down there in the dark, forgotten but not quiet, not truly suppressed, for they have their own experiences these other aspects of you (what you would call your subconscious and unconscious).

When we make contact with new planets, new civilizations, we often do so on other levels first, especially with a planet such as yours that is exploring such deep forgetfulness and illusion of separation.

When we make contact with you, your physical, conscious mind is really the last to know, because it is so certain that it already knows what reality is and blocks out anything that doesn’t fit. So we bypass the physical mind and go straight to the heart, the spirit, the body-mind, those deeper parts of you who remember who you really are and welcome contact with us.

Because your physical mind has compartmentalized and shut itself off from these other aspects of you, it retains no memory of this experience of contact and so therefore believes it hasn’t happened.

But it most certainly has happened, and the more you integrate your own consciousness, dissolving the compartmentalization and exploring what’s been stuffed down in the dark recesses of your subconscious and unconscious, the more you will remember the contact you have already had.

First contact frequently happens in what you might call a dream.

This is how your mind interprets or translates it, but in reality it is simply another state of consciousness, what your indigenous peoples call Dreamtime. That realm between waking and sleeping, when your mind relaxes and takes a step back, and you slip into another reality.

Your physical mind does create what you think of as “dreams”, pure creations of the mind to process its experience and give you clues and messages from your unconscious and subconscious. These are important too and can help you to integrate these other levels of your consciousness, but the Dreamtime state we are referring to is the other kind of what you would call “dreams”.

It has been labeled as simply “dreams” because your society has forgotten that you even have access to this other state of consciousness, this Dreamtime realm. You have been told it isn’t real, that it’s all “just dreams” that your mind makes up, and so you dismiss what you experience while you are sleeping.

In truth, while your physical mind sleeps, your spirit self is still awake and you can bet it doesn’t sit around twiddling its thumbs waiting for your mind/body to wake up again to go about its experience!

So that nonphysical aspect of you is leaving your body and going and having experiences and adventures and connecting with loved ones and sooooo much that you would be blown away, as you say, to realize just how much you are actually up to at night when you think you are sleeping!

In this Dreamtime state you have very real experiences, interactions, and communications with beings like us, but you don’t remember it because you have been trained to dismiss it as “just a dream” – if you even remember it at all! Often you simply fall asleep and by the time you wake up in the morning you have no memory of the experience, it fades into the background.

If you do remember it, you probably think it’s just a normal dream and you may even remember any ETs or spacecraft as simply regular humans and human vehicles like planes, boats or cars.

Your mind makes these “translations” to put the experience into terms and symbols that it understands, so that contact experience can look like just a strange dream where you had an interesting encounter with someone and you won’t necessarily recognize right away that it was a contact experience with extraterrestrial beings.

But it doesn’t so much matter if you recognize it, or if you remember it… Yes, you can play with remembering, and there are tools you can use, techniques you can use, to “activate remembering” in a sense.

But here is our little secret for you…

Your remembering will happen naturally as you go within yourself, as you simply be with what you find there and learn to love it!

Love it all. For you are pure love from the inside out. Unconditional love. Nothing but love.

As you love yourself, see yourself, be with yourself, things will rise up from within you to be loved, healed, acknowledged. You will remember.

Our contact process is from the inside out in this way so that you can do this deep inner work to integrate yourself, to remember who you really are. For it is only when you remember your own sovereign, divine nature that we will be able to show up in our ships and land in front of you without you wanting to worship us and make us into gods, or fear us and try to destroy us.

We’ve “been there, done that” as you say. Extraterrestrials have often been the source of your religions and the very idea of god, for they have been here in some capacity since the beginning of this Earth experiment. At times throughout your ancient history, humanity has worshipped extraterrestrials who came from the sky and gave them much knowledge, technology and other assistance. They were viewed and treated as gods, and this has given birth to this idea of religion here on your planet.

This is not how we wish to connect with you. It is time for you to stand on your own feet, to be the sovereign beings that you truly are and to remember that you are god, god is not outside of you, it is right here within you.

This is why we make contact with you in this way, telepathically and in Dreamtime, in ways that require you to go within yourself so that you will discover more of your own divine nature, remember who you really are, and be able to stand in our presence as equals, connecting heart to heart, family reuniting at long last.

So yes, contact is an inside job. It starts within you, and everything you need is here within you. You are contact! You are consciousness becoming aware of itself in all its many forms and facets. This is contact!

It is no different making contact with us, we are simply another form and facet of the infinite YOU that is All-That-Is.

We love you and we thank you for this co-creation and exploration together, we love playing with you in this way!

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