7 Steps to Create Your Own Cosmic Family Portrait

A Cosmic Family Portrait is a piece of art that represents your cosmic family and your relationship to them. It makes the invisible, visible so you have a more tangible, visual tool you can use to connect even more with your off-world family and friends.

While it can be awesome to have one of these Portraits done for you (like I offer here), you can also do this for yourself, so you can connect anytime and not be dependent on someone else to give you permission or help you connect. It’s so important to learn to do this for yourself, and you already have everything you need right here inside you. Art is just one tool (a very FUN one) that you can use to begin to remember what’s already inside you.

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Meet My Future-Self: Ahna from the Os Civilization

Ahna (I hear it like Ahhhhhna, with the first syllable drawn out) is my counterpart / future-self in the Os civilization, a race from the Sirius star system. She is one of my incarnations, a “future” lifetime from our linear perspective, another “finger” on the hand of the greater soul that I am (an analogy given to my by another of my counterparts, Ariel of the Yahyel).

As I was connecting with Ahna to paint this Cosmic Family Portrait, I kept hearing, “The blue waters of Sirius” and feeling so much beauty, healing and delight in these waters!

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Interview with Rachel Archelaus & Intimate Alien

I looove connecting with others who are experiencing their own cosmic family reunions! I love hearing their stories, and talking about some of my favorite topics: extraterrestrials, who we really are, multidimensional reality, being conscious creators of our reality, and sooo much more. These are my favorite kind of conversations, and one of the things I am very excited to share here at the Cosmic Family Reunion Project, in the form of interviews and other co-creations with like-minded cosmic souls.

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Contact Is an Inside Job

I was drawn out into a beautiful starry night one evening, and spent some time just looking up at the sky, thinking about my cosmic family and connecting with them. Pondering the idea of contact, what it’s looked like in my experience so far and what I would like to experience going forward. The idea for this blog post started to bubble up and “they” told me to go home and write whatever came through. I did, and here is what they shared:

So many of you are expecting us to show up in your skies, to land in our ships, yet we are actually already here, knocking on the door of your heart. You are actually already having a conversation with us, experiencing true contact with us, it’s just happening inside you in places and ways that you’ve forgotten existed within you.

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How I Discovered My Cosmic Family & Heritage

It feels like the most exciting thing in the world to me and I am eager to share more and connect more with others who are on a similar journey.

In 2013 I embarked on a new, magical adventure of connecting to my extra terrestrial family. This experience has truly catapulted me into a whole new way of being, a whole new level of consciousness, and in a way has really woken me up to who I REALLY am!

It really all started when I “met” Bashar, an extra terrestrial being channeled by Darryl Anka. I came across one of his videos on YouTube and I was immediately HOOKED. I started downloading whatever I could get my hands on of Bashar’s teachings, and completely immersed myself in them. I spent the entire summer of 2013 going for daily walks and listening to Bashar, devouring everything I could get from him!

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