Calling all Cosmic Artists!

Do you create art that is of a cosmic or galactic nature?

Would you like to be part of an art exhibit showcasing art that depicts our cosmic connection and introduces our cosmic family and friends?

If so, then I invite you to join me for the Cosmic Family Reunion Virtual Art Exhibit! This is an online event that is bringing together artists and their art from around the world to celebrate our cosmic families, our connection to them, and our own cosmic heritage.

About the Exhibit

This exhibit it an online, virtual event that starts in February 2019 and will run for as long as there is art to be shared! Each week a new piece will be published, along with an introduction to the artist, and viewers will have a chance to interact with that piece and connect with the artist if they wish.

This event will be FREE to the public. Viewers will have the option to signup by email and have it delivered to their inbox each week, and a preview will also be published on my Facebook page.

The entire Exhibit will be published on my website as a Gallery, so that previous art pieces can be viewed at any time by those joining later on in the event.

All art will represent the idea of a cosmic family reunion, reconnecting with our star families and remembering our own cosmic heritage. Each piece will carry its own unique energy that viewers can tune in to and use as a tool and inspiration for their own contact experience, and each artist will have an opportunity to share their cosmic family reunion story.

My Intention

I want this Virtual Art Exhibit to feel like home and family, like a family reunion with an amazing family who loves you unconditionally and sees you only as the amazing being that they know you to be. This has been my own experience. My cosmic family reunion started in the fall of 2013 as I began to remember my own galactic heritage and connect telepathically with my star family. The deeper I go in this connection, the more excited I am to share it with others and to create resources and spaces where we can explore this together.

As an artist myself, art has played a big role in this connecting and remembering, and I am so excited to share this art with others, and create a space where you can share your art too. Art can be a powerful tool in the contact experience!

My intention as the host of this event is to bring together a community of people – artists and those who appreciate their art – who are exploring this idea of cosmic family and remembering our galactic heritage, connecting to our star families.

How it Works

Participating in this Cosmic Family Reunion Virtual Art Exhibit is pretty easy and open to all types of artists who feel drawn to be a part of this. Read the info below and then fill out the form at the bottom to submit your art.

The Art

All forms of art welcome! At first, I thought it was just going to be visual art, but I’ve come to see that there are other forms that want to be included as well, so whatever form your art takes is welcome! It could be visual, musical, written, costumed, spoken – however it wants to come through you is perfect.

All art to be of a positive, uplifting, empowering nature. I want to “showcase” the beautiful, loving cosmic connections that are truly family to so many of us. I want this Exhibit to empower people to connect and communicate for themselves.

The art can depict actual beings, or be of a more abstract nature. As long as it relates to the theme of connecting with our cosmic family and friends in a positive and uplifting way – a Cosmic Family Reunion – anything goes within that scope.

Light language or meditations that accompany art work are very welcome!

Submitting Your Art

Submit your art digitally, along with all of the requested info, and that’s pretty much it! As long as your art fits within the theme of this Exhibit, and you provide all the needed info, it will be accepted and published. You don’t have to be a professional artist, or have a certain size following, or jump through any other “hoops” to be a part of this. All are welcome!

Art pieces will be scheduled on a first-received basis. Once I receive your art and the info to accompany it (see submission form below), I will schedule it in the Exhibit and let you know when it will be published. All published pieces will also be available in the gallery for the exhibit so they will continue to be seen by people joining later on.

I welcome more than one submission per artist! This will give you more “exposure” through the course of the exhibit too, as each piece will be published separately, one each week. So you could be published in the first few weeks, and then again later on in the exhibit. I am open to this being as big as it wants to be, with as many pieces of art as want to be in it, so whatever you feel excited to share is welcome, whether one or more!

If you submit more than one piece of art, please copy The Art section in the submission form below and answer the questions for each piece separately. Your Artist Profile info can be the same for all pieces submitted. And feel free to submit a new piece again using this form at any time during the Exhibit!

If you sell your art, or have other related offers that you want to share, every artist will be able to provide a link to their website and a brief “profile” of who they are and what they offer. My desire is to make it easy for anyone who wants to get more from you to be able to do so!

If you offer services where you create cosmic art for people, or other intuitive/psychic services to help them connect to their own cosmic family and friends, then please do highlight these services for those who are ready for something like this.

Please Help Spread the Word!

I invite you to help share the exhibit through your social media, email and other online channels – especially when your art piece is published – but I don’t require this to participate. My hope is that you will be as excited about this event as I am and want to tell everyone about it! And I will provide links, images and other resources to help you share it in whatever way you wish.

Ready to join the Cosmic Family Reunion Virtual Art Exhibit?

Fill out the form below and email it to me to submit your art to the exhibit. Once I receive your submission I will review it and contact you if I have any questions or need to confirm anything for your profile. I will then get it ready to publish and let you know what date your art will go live in the virtual exhibit, and anything you need to know for sharing it.

I look forward to seeing your art and sharing it in this Cosmic Family Reunion Virtual Art Exhibit!

Submit Your Art to the Exhibit

Download the form, fill it out and save it on your computer:
Click here to download the form to submit your art

Email the completed form to along with a jpg of your art + a headshot photo of you for your artist profile.