Hi there! Thank you for visiting my corner of the interwebs. I’m glad you’re here!

My intention for this website is to share who I am; my Highest Excitement and my truth to inspire those who are soul-family and resonate with what I have to share.

I am an explorer and renegade. A system-buster and Family of Light. A cosmic, multidimensional being who is All That Is, experiencing myself as this personality, Jesse Webb.

I am a starseed and very connected to my ET family. A mother of some very sweet hybrid children, and also very connected to other aspects of myself, other personalities and lifetimes where I-as-a-soul am exploring other planets and dimensions and ways of being.

I am also an Earth-human, and this planet is very near and dear to my heart. I love connecting to nature, and I love being part of this physical, Earth-human experience. I know that I chose to come here, and was chosen by Gaia herself, and am here for a purpose and a mission.

I believe that we are far more than just these physical bodies and that the point is not to get out of these bodies and “escape” to a higher plane of existence… The point is to BE fully Earth-human, to BE fully the personality that I chose to be at this time, to BE fully in this body and having the experience I came here to have.

A bit about my Earth-human life:

I currently live in Hazelton, British Columbia, after a 10-year sojourn in Ontario. Having grown up here in small-town BC, it feels so good to be back. I really missed my mountains and lakes!

I am the oldest of eight kids and am close with my family. They mean a lot to me, and I have especially enjoyed the experience of being an aunt to three adorable little cuties. Family is important to me, and I can feel how we’ve experienced many different lifetimes, roles and adventures together as a family. I know that I consciously chose to be born into this family and I am continually fascinated to see how things play out in our co-created experiences together.

There are many things I enjoy in my physical, Earth-human life:

  • long walks in nature, surrounded by bird songs, lush vegetation, trees and blue sky…
  • connecting with other Earth-humans and enjoying tea, wine or delicious food together…
  • creating a profitable business that changes lives and supports my lifestyle…
  • spending time with my sweet fur babies, my guinea pig, dog and cat, who delight and inspire me…
  • having a good belly laugh with dear friends…
  • camping and hiking and canoing and just BEing out in nature…

And so much more! There is so much for us to experience here on planet Earth, and the more I go inward to discover myself and who I really am, the more I realize how connected I am to this planet, and how everything around me is a reflection of me, showing me who I am.

There are a couple of teachers who have greatly inspired me and given me tools and knowledge to expand my consciousness and get on with my mission. There are really far more than these, but these ones in particular have been very instrumental in my own journey and much of my growth and evolution has come as a result of what I’ve learned from them:

  • Bashar, an ET channeled by Darryl Anka
  • Abraham, a nonphysical collective consciousness channeled by Esther Hicks
  • Lyssa Royal-Holt, a channeler, writer & creator of the Galactic Heritage Cards

You can learn more about my ET story here: