Contact is Happening Here, Now!

In the fall of 2013 I experienced an awakening and came face to face with a truth I had hidden from myself my whole life prior to that: I have family who are extraterrestrials and live on other planets! In fact, I myself am a starseed, an extraterrestrial playing an Earth-human. This experience is just one of the many lifetimes and characters I have played, many of which are not on this particular planet.

As soon as I realized / remembered this, it made perfect sense and pieces clicked into place. This was why I have always felt curious and drawn to the idea of extraterrestrials and life on other planets, why I have always loved science fiction and deep down believed that there must be other life out there. It even explained the vivid “dreams” I had had of giving birth to babies that I didn’t know in my “waking” life.

This realizing led to a deeper exploration of what this meant for me, and I began to connect and communicate with beings from my cosmic family. Future-selves from the Yahyel, Sassani and Sirius civilizations. Hybrid kids, some of whom I’d already met in those vivid “dreams”. Many of them felt so familiar and I knew I had been connected to them throughout my life, I just hadn’t known who they were. Now I knew, and it was perhaps the most exciting realization of my life (up to that point)!

(Psst! You can read more of my story of awakening to my cosmic heritage here.)

I am not the only one to have this experience of waking up and remembering that I am connected to the cosmos and have family among the stars…

There are many, many others, and it seems from my perspective as though we truly are in the midst of an amazing first contact experience. Contact that is happening from the inside out, as we remember who we really are and our place in the cosmos.

This website is a place to explore this experience of contact with our extraterrestrial family and friends. It is the resource I wish I’d had when I started exploring this idea that fall of 2013. It is a place to hear others’ stories, to share your own experiences, to connect with others who are on this journey, and to find answers and tools to help you navigate this amazing adventure we are on.

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